Dr. Ryan Cook and his highly trained staff offer many solutions for whitening your teeth.  Determining which option will render the best results for you is the first step.  Your expectations play a huge roll in our recommendations.  Some patients merely want to lighten their teeth a few shades while others want to dramatically lighten their teeth.  

  • Professional Home Whitening Kit
  • In-Office ZOOM Whitening
  • The Kor Whitening System

Our professional home whitening system includes custom made clear trays with case, a starter pack of professional strength whitening gel, and personalized instructions for home use.  Reasonably priced, this system provides a budget friendly option that renders proven results.  Most patients can see results in as few as two weeks.  The best part is the amount of control the patient has while using this system.  The patient can safely whiten as frequently as desired or use the kit only when touch-ups are needed.  Trays can be worn at night while sleeping or whenever is most convenient.  Refill packs of the professional strength gel can be purchased at either of our two locations anytime which means the kit can be used for years to come.  This system is often recommended for patients who want to whiten, but don't want to make a large financial commitment, patients who just want to brighten their smile a few shades and don't need dramatic results, adults and teenagers that recently completed orthodontics, or patients preparing for a special occasion like a wedding.  Schedule an appointment to find out of this system is right for you!

The In-Office ZOOM Whitening Procedure can be done in conjunction with the home whitening system to help jump start results or completely by itself when patients don't want to commit to a daily schedule of whitening at home.  This procedure usually requires about a two hour appointment, but is complete in just one visit.  The patient can relax and watch TV in the privacy of one of our operatories during the entire procedure.  Results are immediate and will intensify during the first 24-48 hours post treatment.  Schedule an appointment to find out if this procedure is right for you!

The Kor Whitening System is the only whitening system we provide that comes with a guarantee.  This system is for patients that are ready for a serious solution and dramatic results.  We often recommend Kor for patients who have tried other whitening procedures, but were never able to achieve the results they desire or patients with more severe staining like Tetracycline stains.  The system requires that the patient follow a very strict regiment over a two, four, or even 12 week period.  It includes an instructional DVD and everything needed to whiten based on a very specific schedule.  The science behind the product is extensive and each kit is ordered on a per patient basis because the product must be shipped in a refrigerated environment, maintaining a specific temperature at all times.  Schedule an appointment to find out if this procedure is right for you!