Dental Services & Procedures


Preventative & Diagnostic

Dental Treatment and maintenance begins with preventative and diagnostic care. Digital X-rays, periodontal charting, clinical exams, intra-oral imaging, and CT Scans are some of the diagnostic services we offer. We see both adults and children for cleanings and regular check-ups. A fluoride varnish developed by 3M is highly recommended for children to prevent tooth decay, and even for adults to decrease sensitivity. Sealants may also be implemented for children to reduce the chance of cavities.

TEEth Whitening

We offer many options for teeth whitening depending on the severity of staining and patient’s desired result. Home whitening kits remain the most economical option and are perfect for continued maintenance. We are proud to offer one visit office whitening, and have seen great results! Gift Certificates available!


All of our fillings are done with tooth-colored resin composite materiel which forms a chemical bond with the tooth unlike amalgam or silver fillings. Our composite material and bonding agents are carefully selected, have proven results, and are long-lasting.

Cosmetic Bonding & veneers

Your smile is a vital part of your self confidence. We offer many cosmetic services to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Bonding and/or veneers can alter the shape, size, color, close spaces, and even positioning of teeth. MI paste treatment with enamel micro-abrasion can be used to reduce brown spots or white spots. These spots can be caused from hypo-calcification and this product re-mineralizes teeth.


Dr. Ryan Cook is well practiced in cad cam technology and has been offering one-visit crowns since 2002. He is able to take a digital impression and mill the crown from a solid porcelain/ zirconium block. Most of the time these crowns can be produced and delivered in about an hour eliminating the need for wearing a temporary for weeks or multiple appointments. Beautiful, long lasting and functional, crowns can be an excellent option in restoring teeth.

Tooth Replacement

Cook Dentistry offers many options for replacing missing teeth. Removable prosthetics like partials and dentures may be recommended and we fabricate many different types including those with metal bases or flexible acrylic. A fixed bridge is another great option for replacing missing teeth. These are not-removable and can be tooth supported or implant supported. Of course implants give patients even more options and flexibility with replacing missing teeth. Let us help you determine which option would be best based on your individual needs.


Dr. Cook offers many surgical procedures in-house eliminating the need for a referral to a specialist. With extensive training in implant placement combined with his experience in implant restoration, Dr. Cook is able to extract teeth, place bone grafting if needed, and place implants in just one appointment in most cases.


Gums are just as important as teeth. Periodontal disease or gum disease affects approximately 80% of adults, and if untreated can lead to tooth loss. Both non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment is offered at Cook Dentistry. These procedures can be done comfortably in office in about an hour without sedation.

Sport Guards & Night Guards

Dr. Cook fabricates custom sports guards for his patients at a reduced fee. We highly recommend that athletes wear sports guards especially when participating in contact sports to protect teeth from impact. Choose your team colors! Night guards may also be recommended for patients who suffer from grinding or clenching. These are custom made from a durable clear material that actually helps reduce the urge to grind or clench. These can also be designed to support the proper position and relieve tempromandibular joint (TMJ) discomfort.


Dr. Ryan Cook and his team now offer SureSmile Aligners. This revolutionary technology allows our team to take a 3D scan of your teeth eliminating the need for uncomfortable, bulky impressions. From this scan a virtual model of your smile is created allowing the clinician to see your teeth from every angle. Then using state-of-the-art software the movement of each tooth can be calculated with extreme precision. Finally custom aligners are made using a clear plastic material.